Project management in the business field is defined as managing and directing time, material, personnel, and costs to complete a particular project. One important phase in the project planning is Project Resource Scheduling. This process identifies resources amount and type according to the activity that scheduled. Planning the efficient use of resources is a complex task. The purpose is to create a smoother distribution of resource usage i.e. to minimize the fluctuation of the resource usage. The resource leveling is used to produce a solution to the problem.

So far, researchers test several heuristic in order to produce the optimal solutions of the problem. In this paper, we discuss an implementation of the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) to the Project Resource Scheduling Problem (PRSP). To implement the ACO algorithm with a problem, requires defining; an appropriate graph, the autocatalytic feedback process, the heuristic and the constraint satisfaction method.

Keyword : Project Resource Scheduling Problem, fluctuation, resource leveling, ACO




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