It’s about 600 years ago when Zheng He, a Chinese mariner, had an expedition to South-East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and East Africa. His goal was to make peace between countries through diplomacy. It was when he arrived at Semarang harbor he built a temple called Sam Poo Kong.

Until now, Sam Poo Kong is still a place to pray. You can watch them pray using incense and burn “fake money”. What does it means to burn all that stuff? I don’t really understand either… =) I just enjoy looking at the candles, architecture and statue.


Sam Poo Kong Gate

The venue itself consists of 3 main buildings and a large field. It’s quite large, so don’t forget to bring a hat if you go there in the middle of the day. The field is often used as place for event such as Chinese New Year Celebration and others. And there is also a place, looks like a cave, which not everyone can get in there except for praying.

Honestly, this is the first time I going there, and I only got very short time to explore. I was too excited having a Chinese costume photo session with my mom that causing me to only have very slight time to talk with people and  travel around there. Heheh. You know, woman always love love love to wear unusual yet unique clothes, including traditional clothes. Wearing Chinese princess clothes, our photo were taken at several spots around the temple, inside and outside the building. Additional accessories like umbrella and sword also being used, which make the photo session more exciting.


The princess (me) asking for apologize to the queen (my mom) :p

It’s one of many proves that Indonesia has many culture and we can still live together peacefully. Come here. To see another face of Indonesia. 🙂


How Much Ticket entry for domestic Rp. 3.000,-, foreign Rp. 10.000,-. Costume and photo Rp. 75.000,-. Where Simongan Street No. 129, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. How to Get There Taxi from Simpang Lima, Rp. 15.000,-. When Everyday. Open hour 10.00-17.00. Telephone 6224 7605277 Email