Last Tuesday, I went to Prambanan, Jogyakarta, to watch the show of Ramayana ballet. Its holiday season, but luckily I still got the ticket though only few hours before the show. Dancers, music, costume are combined perfectly into a show. I suddenly fell in love with the story. Its full of life lesson, humanity, love and trust. My brother, Kharisma N. P., took pictures with his camera. Here are some of his shots of the show with short description. Enjoy it. 🙂

There are two types of venue, outdoor and indoor. The outdoor it self is amazing. You will have the scenery of Prambanan while watching the show. Dont forget about the stars and the moon.

There are two types of venue, outdoor and indoor. The outdoor it self is amazing. You will have the scenery of Prambanan. Dont forget about the stars. And the moon. 🙂 I came 30 minutes earlier before the show. In order to get the front row.

A competition

In a kingdom called Mantili, a contest is held by Shinta’s father, Prabu Janaka. The winner of this competition will be husband of Shinta. Princes of various kingdoms join the contest, including Rama, Prince of Ayodya.

The winner

The contestant of the contest have to pluck the string of the big bow. Everyone tried, but only Rama could do that. Even the bow split into two. This describes that Rama is great knight and appropriate to be the husband of Shinta.

Alengka kingdom

This is Kumbakarna. He is Rahwana’s brother. Though he is one of antagonist, he has a bit of good character. He against Rama because of his loyalty to the kingdom. He also usually reminds Rahwana that what he is doing is wrong.


They are people of Alengka kingdom. In accordance with the character, they have a ‘bad’ look with canine, red face, long and curly hair.


This is Leksmana, Rama’s step brother. He’s one of protagonist character of the story. Among of Rama’s brother, he is the closest. When Rama married Shinta, Leksmana also married Shint’s sister, Urmila.

Dadakan Forest

Rama & Shinta live in Dadakan forest. They went there because of intrigue made by one of Rama’s fathers wife. They are accompanied by Rama’s brother, Leksmana. They live happily until Rahwana come to kidnap Shinta.

Rama &  Shinta

Rama & Shinta is a perfect royal couple. Rama is a wise, brave and dutiful husband. Shinta is a beautiful, graceful and kind wife. And those characters were played perfectly.


In order to kidnap Shinta, Rahwana asked Kalamarica to turn into a pretty deer. Shinta see that deer and want to have it. She ask Rama to catch that deer. They have no idea that it’s a trap created by Rahwana.

Rahwana kidnap Shinta

Rahwana is trying to kidnap Shinta, but he can’t. Shinta already covered by a magic circle created by Leksmana. No one could pass this circle, including Rahwana. Shinta may not put any of her body part out of the circle.

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