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This is Jatayu. He is an eagle, son of Sang Aruna (wew! :p) and nephew of Sang Garuda. He and Rama’s father, Dasaratha, is an old friend.

Jatayu vs Rahwana

Jatayu vs Rahwana. Jatayu is the witness of Shinta’s abundance. He fight Rahwana with all of his strength and ability.

Rahwana kill Jatayu

But Jatayu is too old. Rahwana cut Jatayu’s wing. Jatayu is bleeding and agony. But he can only die when the sun rises.

Sugriwa Subali

In the kingdom of Kiskenda, Sugriwa and Subali are in a war. Sugriwa and Subali are brothers who are struggling for power and wife, Dewi Tara. Rama help Sugriwa and kill Subali.

Hanoman is burned

Hanoman is my favorite character in the show. He is an attractive white ape. In Alengka, Hanoman is punished because he was trying to save Shinta and wreck the kingdom.

Hanoman burn Alengka

The punishment for Hanoman is not able to kill him. He still alive and creating chaos at Alengka.

Angel of death

In the fight of Leksmana vs Kumbakarna, Leksmana won. Those girls are angel of death to bring Kumbakarna’s life to heaven.

The death of Ramayana's brother

This is the ceremony of Kumbakarna’s death. Even Rahwana’s death is not created like this. It’s because Kumbakarna is more respected than Rahwana.

Shinta proof

Shinta burn her self to prove that she has never been touched by Rahwana. And she prove it. Rama accept her as his wife again. And they live happyly forever.


In the end of the show, every character were standing at the stage. The audience are able to take pictures with them.


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