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Dealing with several projects related to CMS, makes me (a bit) more understand about how companies, especially telco companies, trying to manage loyalty of their customers. They build a system doing segmentation of their customers and send them promotional messages. There are 3 types of direct marketing which usually used by a telco company; Database Marketing, Event Based Marketing and Mobile Marketing. I’ll try to give you brief explanations about these concepts of markeitng-as far as I know. 🙂

Direct Marketing (taken from

Direct Marketing (taken from

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Sun was showing its warm light. Chicken started singing. I opened my eyes and found myself in my red sleeping bag, contradicted with color of the room which made from rattan.

“Hoooammmhhh….” I yawn and felt really excited to start the day because I was in Baduy village.

Baduy House

Baduy House

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This is the sequel of previous post “Pictures: Ramayana Ballet [1]


This is Jatayu. He is an eagle, son of Sang Aruna (wew! :p) and nephew of Sang Garuda. He and Rama’s father, Dasaratha, is an old friend.

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Last Tuesday, I went to Prambanan, Jogyakarta, to watch the show of Ramayana ballet. Its holiday season, but luckily I still got the ticket though only few hours before the show. Dancers, music, costume are combined perfectly into a show. I suddenly fell in love with the story. Its full of life lesson, humanity, love and trust. My brother, Kharisma N. P., took pictures with his camera. Here are some of his shots of the show with short description. Enjoy it. 🙂

There are two types of venue, outdoor and indoor. The outdoor it self is amazing. You will have the scenery of Prambanan while watching the show. Dont forget about the stars and the moon.

There are two types of venue, outdoor and indoor. The outdoor it self is amazing. You will have the scenery of Prambanan. Dont forget about the stars. And the moon. 🙂 I came 30 minutes earlier before the show. In order to get the front row.

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It’s about 600 years ago when Zheng He, a Chinese mariner, had an expedition to South-East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and East Africa. His goal was to make peace between countries through diplomacy. It was when he arrived at Semarang harbor he built a temple called Sam Poo Kong.

Until now, Sam Poo Kong is still a place to pray. You can watch them pray using incense and burn “fake money”. What does it means to burn all that stuff? I don’t really understand either… =) I just enjoy looking at the candles, architecture and statue.


Sam Poo Kong Gate

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It was when I went to Griya with my soul mate (soul mate especially dealing with shopping :p), Vidya. We were shopping to buy some stuff that we need for RPL laboratory gathering on the following night. We were at the cashier, when this SPB (Sales Promotion Boy) offered every customer to join the “Nutrisari Competition”. As u might guess… Vidya was interested. Actually, she was interested to the Nutrisari Orange big box that would be the present for the winner of the competition. Hehehe… And i-compulsory-joined the competition, big thanks to vidya.

At first, we were the only two participants. Until a young girl-still wearing her school uniform-decided to be a participant too. So, with 3 participants, the game was ready to start. Unfortunately, a “ibu-ibu” and a “bapak-bapak” were interested to joined also. Now there were 5 participants of the competition. 5 big glass of nutrisari were put on the table. There were lots of people watching.

As the SPB counted “satu… dua… tiga…” the competition was started. Hell yeah I enjoyed drinking the nutrisari, I was thirsty. Hehehe… It wasn’t difficult for me to empty the glass. But… the “ibu-ibu” was better than me. She finished her nutrisari in just about… 0.233 second before me. :p Ahhh… to bad… we didn’t win the Nutrisari Orange Big Box. But it was just fun! Ha ha ha… well,u have to try it sometimes 🙂

Slruuuuppp slrruuuppp…

the spb n ibu2

the SPB and the winner: 'ibu-ibu'

I never understood before

I never knew what love was for

My heart was broke

My head was sore

What a feeling

Tied up in ancient history

I didn’t believe in destiny

I look up you’re standing next to me

What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul

Love burns brighter than sunshine

Brighter than sunshine

Let the rain fall, I don’t care

I’m yours and suddenly you’re mine

Suddenly you’re mine

And it’s brighter than sunshine

I never saw it happening

I’d given up and given in

I just couldn’t take the hurt again

What a feeling

I didn’t have the strength to fight

Suddenly you seemed so right

Me and you

Love will remain a mystery

But give me your hand and you will see

Your heart is keeping time with me

[Aqualung-Brighter Than Sunshine]

Hmm… It will be brighter than sunshine. :p

It was about two hours that Andy had been waiting in the Hall Station. He had woken up early this morning. At 6 o’clock he had rode his car, with a bunch of red roses and some confession to tell. In the previous night, he had received a short message from his friend, “She will arrive from Surabaya tomorrow morning by train”. “Tell her what you feel,” his friend had told him.

He was sitting at the bar which was situated in the station. He was wearing a red Gucci shirt, a Lea blue jeans and a watch from Tag Heuer. He wasn’t the same Andy as he had been 10 years ago. 10 years ago… when he had been an unemployment, drunkard and harsh man. 10 years ago… when he hadn’t had any enough courage to say. When he had realized that he had to change to be a better person. 10 years ago was a turning point for his life. And it was because of one reason. “It was you…” he was talking by himself while he was drinking his cup of coffee and flashing back his memory.

He would wait for her, two hours or more. He could wait as long as his life. Yes, he would say what he felt to her as she got off from the train.

The rhythm of the train was like a lullaby. Sally looked out the train window and watching the city, her city. Her will to be a geologist had made her busy and traveled all the time. She wanted to go home as she had a spare time. A train musician suddenly came to her and sang a song.

Sally you are always alone

You will always alone

Until you tired to wait

Until you tired to cry

Sally laughed, how coincidence this musician sang that Peter Pan’s song to her. Sally was her name, and the story of the song, it had been her story also… She gave a 1000 to the musician and so he said, “Thank you…” He continued, “Lady, even the sun isn’t as bright as a woman in love.” He smiled before he was leaving-the freezing-Sally. She did fall in love.

The train was stopped. Sally brought her case got off the train. She was looking for someone that she expected to pick her up. She didn’t hear that someone behind her was calling her name.

Andy saw Sally. His heart was beating very fast. He was trying to catch her. But it was very difficult to walk in the middle of the crowd. He called her name, again and again. But she didn’t hear.

There. Finally, Sally saw him. He, who wore a green T-shirt, was Mike, Sally’s fiancé. They were greeting, hugging and even kissing. He gave a white rose to her. They were showing off their romance very clear.

At the same time, just two meters from them, heart of a man broke and a bunch of red roses fell to the ground…

He just realized. Sally was not alone.

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