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I found this primitive dance when I went to Pameungpeuk beach. Pameungpeuk is the south most part of Garut, it has a long white sandy beach. To ensure the safety of fisherman on the sea, some of ‘the villagers’ began to create a dance. “The Na Na Ugh” dancers would dance all the way of the cardinal directions, North, South, West and East. They often dance bare-footed. In a bright sunny day, they came to the sea and begin dancing on the beach. At first, they stand in a row, and begin happly shake their body while they are walking-still in a row. While dancing, they are singing something that sound… “Na na na” and… “Ugh” (loudly). when I asked them what does that mean, they say it has no meaning… They do not stop until they get bored. Under difficult life conditions, they feel pleased and comfortable, for the simple but entusiasthic Na Na Ugh Dance gives them happyness. (please, do not believe this article)

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