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It was when I went to Griya with my soul mate (soul mate especially dealing with shopping :p), Vidya. We were shopping to buy some stuff that we need for RPL laboratory gathering on the following night. We were at the cashier, when this SPB (Sales Promotion Boy) offered every customer to join the “Nutrisari Competition”. As u might guess… Vidya was interested. Actually, she was interested to the Nutrisari Orange big box that would be the present for the winner of the competition. Hehehe… And i-compulsory-joined the competition, big thanks to vidya.

At first, we were the only two participants. Until a young girl-still wearing her school uniform-decided to be a participant too. So, with 3 participants, the game was ready to start. Unfortunately, a “ibu-ibu” and a “bapak-bapak” were interested to joined also. Now there were 5 participants of the competition. 5 big glass of nutrisari were put on the table. There were lots of people watching.

As the SPB counted “satu… dua… tiga…” the competition was started. Hell yeah I enjoyed drinking the nutrisari, I was thirsty. Hehehe… It wasn’t difficult for me to empty the glass. But… the “ibu-ibu” was better than me. She finished her nutrisari in just about… 0.233 second before me. :p Ahhh… to bad… we didn’t win the Nutrisari Orange Big Box. But it was just fun! Ha ha ha… well,u have to try it sometimes 🙂

Slruuuuppp slrruuuppp…

the spb n ibu2

the SPB and the winner: 'ibu-ibu'

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