Dealing with several projects related to CMS, makes me (a bit) more understand about how companies, especially telco companies, trying to manage loyalty of their customers. They build a system doing segmentation of their customers and send them promotional messages. There are 3 types of direct marketing which usually used by a telco company; Database Marketing, Event Based Marketing and Mobile Marketing. I’ll try to give you brief explanations about these concepts of markeitng-as far as I know. 🙂

Direct Marketing (taken from

Direct Marketing (taken from

Database Marketing

Database marketing is using database to get list of customers which potentially to be interacted with particular promotional or marketing messages. Database marketing is using statistic to build model of customer behaviour. Furthermore, this model is used as baseline on how to communicate with them. Because of it’s need to process huge data, usually database marketing is using data warehouse capability. By using data warehouse, we expect data to be more accurate. There are lot of success stories of companies using database marketing.

Event Based Mareting

Well, this is my favourite 🙂 If you are doing Event Based Marketing (EBM) in a right way, it will give you better & meaningfull interaction with your customers. EBM also known as Event Driven Marketing (EDM). EBM is trying to identfy ‘event’ which is happened to a customer so that CMS system can give the promotional message at the right time, at the right place, to the right person and the right offer. Example of ‘event’ in telco industry; balance reload event, call event, SMS event, GPRS event and many more.

Mobile Marketing

This type of marketing is to interact with customer through their mobile phone. And this is the advantage of being a Telco company, you have bunch of data about your customers, The next question is, how are you going to get a usefull information from those bunch of data? There are also lots of touchpoint can be used by mobile marketing, they are SMS, MMS, push notifications, apps, game apps, web site, QR code and many more. Nowdays, mobile phone is a primary tools for everyones daily life. We bring this everywhere, anytime. That’s why mobile marketing is a serious deal.